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Welcome to LearningGovernance.com!
Hello. In the late 1990's, seven of us started a company in a garage called Saba Software, Inc., creating a category for enterprise learning and performance systems, and leading the company through an IPO in 2000, building it into a $100+ million global company with over 700 people today.

Along the way, I worked with some of the world’s best companies as they built their learning organizations to become truly effective and valuable performance driving entities. These teams faced many challenges; to drive change; cross business boundaries; and create greater alignment and consensus around managing and delivering learning services enterprise-wide. In essence, address the Governance challenge head on. 

For the past couple of years I have been leading workshops on learning governance and ‘best practices’ using  the Learning Governance Lifecycle™ model that has been perfected along the way.  It’s a well proven, road-tested methodology that will help you meet many different objectives, such as:
  • Improve alignment and build consensus among business leaders to support learning initiatives enterprise-wide 
  • Uncover 'risk' and impediments, both known and unknown, to resolve conflict and expand influence
  • Establish ‘best practices’ to optimize organizational alignment, operating processes, rules of engagement and investment justification while saving time and money, and avoiding delays.
Recently, I've teamed up consulting services with former colleague and friend, Rob Pannoni, and we offer our services through a new web site, www.razorlearning.com.  Please visit. You'll see that effective governance is important part of the ‘people strategy’ for the organization. 

I've also started a new endeavor to address Corporate Sustainability Management with employee engagement and e-learning solutions. The company is Tripos Software, Inc. and the learning curriculum is called Sustainability In Practice You can see recent work at http://www.sustainabilityinpractice.com/.

This site will remain an industry resource for Learning Governance practitioners. You'll find other materials on governance in the About Governance page as well as the Resource section.
If you have a questions that you would like to discuss, submit here and I will be happy to respond.

Make your learning organization better aligned and getting more enterprise level support starting today!


Grant Ricketts

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