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Governance Resources
This page contains several industry resources about learning governance and 'best practices.' Feel free to review and contact me if you would like to discuss any of these items. Also, please see the white paper, 'Learning Governance as a Cost Savings Strategy' co-authored with Rob Pannoni, as well as our article in CLO Magazine, June 2009 'Perspectives on the State of Governance'.

As an added update, I invite to review new solutions in the corporate sustainabiltiy field. There are many parallels with what the corporate sustainability movement is doing and what learning groups have gone through the past few years. Please see Sustainability In Practice™ if this might be of interest to you.

Sessions and Tools
Optimizing the Talent Pipeline in Tight Times
In February 2009 I had the opportunity to address a working group from the Conference Board on using Web 2.0 technologies in talent management and succession planning. The talk featured case studies on social network analysis. If you would like to discuss, please contact me. Contact

The State of Governance: What the Survey Said
 In 2008 we conducted a survey to assess the 'State of Governance' among member organizations of a the Masie Learning Consortium. We received responses from over 90 companies, 60% of which represented organizations with over 20,000 people. This session highlights key findings from this study. This study was originally posted on the LearningWiki but you can get it directly here.  

Beyond Formal and Informal Learning – A Practical Taxonomy of Learning for Learning Leaders
Addressing the impact of Web 2.0 technologies and ‘user generated’ content on Learning strategy is the topic of this planning framework and article, published in  CLO Magazine in August 2010. The planning matrix is very helpful for those looking to apply strategy to the chaos. Also available here.
White Papers and Articles
Perspectives on the State of Governance 
CLO Magazine, June 2009 issue published this new article looking at the current state of learning governance.  Co-authored with Rob Pannoni, it characterized the successes and challenges companies face as they extend services across the enterprise.  For most companies, governance is a 'work in progress.' Where is your company?. You can find out here.

Establishing ‘Best Practices’ in Learning Governance
This article addresses the learning governance lifecycle methodology used to help implement governance in practice. Published in May, 2008 go to page 26. See http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/trainingindustry/tiq_2008spring

 Enterprise Learning Governance: The Next ‘Learning Gap’ to Close
This article frames governance as an organization strategy and suggests guiding principles and ways to get started. It first appeared in Chief Learning Officer Magazine, January 2008 Now available here.

Governing the Learning Organization in an Era of Strategic Human Capital Management
This was the industry’s first white paper to address learning governance, co-authored with Brook Manville in September 2002. It sets the groundwork for governance, defining its scope, introducing different structural approaches and offering guidelines for practical consideration. Also available here.

Recorded Webinars
Unfortunately, many of the recorded webinars I did with Saba, CLO Magazine, Human Capital Institute and IBM are no longer posted. There were over 30 as part of an ongoing series called InsideContent! and HCLive!. Below are a few highlights. Feel free to contact me if you would like the reference material.

Collaborative Learning Technologies: Wiki’s, Blogs and More, Oh My!
This session shared insights about next-generation 'Web 2.0' tools - wiki's, blogs and more -- that promote collaborative and informal learning. Technology tools like these help build communities of practice, leverage subject matter expertise, and capture and re-use knowledge assets -- making learning a part of daily work.  

Communities of Practice: A New Vision with New Capabilities

A new vision for communities of practice is emerging in light of the capabilities provided by today's collaborative technologies. This session features thought leaders Etienne Wegner and Brook Manville. 

Retirement Relay: The Effective Transfer of Knowledge

With Governing Magazine, we invited experts from Deloitte and Los Angeles County for a lively webcast to discuss the real and present human capital shortfall risks faced by state and local government leaders today. Discussion addressed best practice strategies to ensure the effective transfer of knowledge to a new generation of workers

Resources: Many webinar sessions on Governance and other industry best practices have also been recorded as part of an ongoing series for InsideContent! and HCLive!.  overnance sessions included conversations with CLOs from CAT, Grainger, Hyperion, IBM and others. Other sessions also address specific industry solutions for Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharma and Retail. Contact .

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